A month or two back, having no knowledge of making even a simple Japanese dish, I tried my hand at making ‘Futomaki’. After around an hour of ‘cooking class’ from the experts (travelled to numerous countries just to introduce this art), and I was ready for a hands on.
‘Futomaki matsuri-zushi’ (太巻き祭りずし); a kind of ‘Futomaki’, is a Japanese cuisine with its roots in the Chiba prefecture (adjacent to Tokyo). This cuisine is not just only about the taste, but about its expression, the message conveyed through it, the curiosity as to how it’s made, etc. Futomaki is nothing but basically, dried seaweed (sometimes thin layer of fried egg) rolled around cylindrical lump of rice. It sounds simple, but the sophistication comes with the arrangement of beautifully cut vegetables/ layer of fried egg/ sometimes cheese, held in rice. Since, “A picture is worth a thousand words” (一枚の絵は一千語に匹敵する), photos from the event will help in having a better underDSC_0020standing of what this post is all about.
PS Anyone interested in making this delicacy can text me, I’ll be more than happy to introduce it to y
ou. Cheers!